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Action Learning


Learning by doing!

Learn from experiences

LEARN Games are simulation games developed by LE-Network. With the help of LEGO you learn from your own mistakes and successes in a safe environment.

This offers (highly gifted) children more challenges in their teaching material.

No more books required

The games are developed with the Edupreneurial method. A methodology that Action Learning; To learn by doing! represents.

This makes the games flexible and extremely efficient and effective. These not only make learning easier but also more FUN!

Many variations

They are already being used at various educational institutions. From primary to secondary education, in special and vocational education. It is THE way to learn in this 21st century.

For example, we have games to learn a foreign language. To learn to do business and to negotiate. And to get to know logistics processes and operational management.

Action Learning can be used in so many different ways that it is impossible to name everything here.

Do you want to experience it yourself or do you have a question about the possibilities of using the LEARN Games, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Interactive learning material


LEGO, Quizzes, Memory and more!

The LEARN Games are offered as an individual product or as part of an educational program.

In the educational programs the games are supported by other “playful aspects” such as a smartphone app, kahoot quizzes, memory cards etc.

Tailor-made programs can also be made. Please contact us to discuss the options.

A game simulation takes 1.5 hours on average. The duration of an education program is variable and dependent on demand. Many lessons can be filled with it.

View here the product range of Entrepreneurship games.

View here the product range of logistic games.

View the product range of language games here.

The entrepreneurship games


In the variants of the entrepreneurship game, participants can experience the practice of doing business in all its aspects. For example, different levels of the entrepreneurship game have been developed. With or without VAT, for a profit or non-profit organization or even tailor-made. View the product range here

The logistics games


In the variants of the logistics game, participants experience the logistics and operations management of business addresses from within the production organization. Different levels of the logistics game have been developed. Including coordination issues, production planning and a decentralized procurement process. View the product range here

The language games


In the many variations of the language game, participants learn in a quick and playful way, without books, a basic vocabulary of a new language. In the Language LEARN Game there are, in addition to the communicative elements, all sorts of cultural elements that stimulate the senses. Such as tea from a Russian samovar, real Chinese green tea or Arabic delicacies. So that the experiences stay with us. We call that reference creation. View the product range here



LEARN Games in action!

Yesterday afternoon we played the LEARNGame with a group of students at the ZONE College in Almelo ( Almelo). An …

Wim Melenberg came yesterday with a very nice gift: an overview of all “writing systems” in the world. There are …

Oksana played the word-reading game Russian for the first time today. The intention is that the image of the card …

For those who win our game simulation LEARNGame, we have the “golden lego tower” as a prize. That “golden lego …

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The company LE-Network

LEARN Games have been developed with great passion by LE-Network. A company that is unique due to its many variants of partnerships. This is how we work together to improve learning processes.

You can find more information about the employees and the company itself on the company website:

The Edupreneurial method

The games are developed with the Edupreneurial method.

There is a complete science behind the edupreneurial method. This was developed by Henk Roelofs. Henk has written a large number of publications that further explain the methodology.

You can find these publications and the accompanying LE Book on the scientific website:

The behavior style scans

With the behavioral style scans you gain insight into your personal behavior or the behavior of a team. For example, there are the individual scans and the team scans.

The scans can also be used to measure the change in behavior by the LEARN games.

For an overview of the available scans, visit the behavioral style scans website:



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