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“Golden” LEGO towers

For those who win our game simulation LEARNGame, we have the “golden lego tower” as a prize. That “golden lego tower” is a LEGO tower that consists of chrome-plated LEGO building blocks and a chrome base plate. We have received these from our supplier from Poland: in limited quantity and in various chrome colors. In addition, also some in a matte gold and matte silver color. Just about his entire stock. (He does sell other chrome LEGO parts, but they are not relevant to us)

A total of 15 towers are available for the ROCvanTwente. The first game simulation for MBO students as part of the Entrepreneurship selective course is scheduled for 11 February. This is of course still uncertain due to corona, but if necessary , a later date will be set.

The beautiful picture is by our photographer Joëlle Meijer : a professional image that takes care that the shiny chrome comes across beautifully. As we know from previous studies, LEGO creates a positive emotion, something that promotes the process of learning through play. We believe that these chrome towers will further enhance that positivity.

LEGO towers as a jewel for those who have increased their entrepreneurial behavior the most in relative terms. We measure this by doing the behavioral style tests before and after the game simulation.

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