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Yesterday afternoon we played the LEARNGame with a group of students at the ZONE College in Almelo ( Almelo). An event organized by the Ondernemerslab Twente. Some teachers of ZONE also participated. One of the teachers even finished as the winner and was awarded the “golden LEGO tower” by Jan Groothuis (Ondernemerslab Twente). Because this winner had operated slightly outside the rules of the game (like many real entrepreneurs) he was so sporty to pass the prize on to a successful student. Determining the winner in the version of this game where VAT also had to be paid is simple: that is the one who pays the most VAT.

The photo shows a striking feedback from Sanne about the effectiveness of the game simulation.

Other feedback:

– I cannot perform as well under pressure (Lauren)

– we actually learned everything about doing business in a short time

– I am a chaotic person

– I thought it was super interesting, especially those tests. the game was complicated to understand at first

– learning to compete, learning to negotiate against each other and realizing what the profit and loss is and how much VAT is paid, very educational

– you should not change anything that is good (Anouk)
By the way, the ZONE teachers were very involved. For them, they see it as an opportunity to deepen their Entrepreneurship Course.

The best response is in the photo:

Experiencing interactively, experiencing creatively, negotiating market-oriented. That is entrepreneurship. You can learn that with Lego bricks.

What I have learned (and what I actually already knew) is that I cannot negotiate at all and that I would like to learn that (Sanne)

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