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Who is the entrepreneurship game for?

Companies, Organizations or educational institutions in the field of entrepreneurship.

For educational settings

Do you look for some different educational methods for teaching and learning entrepreneurship? Teaching methods with the methodology of learning by playing? Simulation role games where participants all participate? Have fun together? And validate the learning process highly? Experience learning themselves and indicate they are learning a lot? We supply these exciting LE-Game simulations. Participants can have unique educational experiences. Where making mistakes is regarded as positive contributing to their learning processes. Where is verified that indeed success drives success in acquiring competencies. Playful learning in simulations during 1 to 6 hours (when several versions are played in a sequence, with breaks in between, of course). LE-Game is used among other at the courses entrepreneurship in secondary schools and at polytechnics, in the course Applied Business Administration in the Bachelor.

For organizations and companies:

Do you look for an event where your employees or team members learn to be more entrepreneurial? With respect to their behavior and to their actions? Where they develop their personal networks? Our role game simulations as has been proven, stimulate more entrepreneurial behaviour: more extrovert red (goal orientation, dominance) and yellow (influence, pleasure), as we can show with out behaviour style tests With our game simulations you upgrade your ‘learning’ organization. Playfully. In game simulations which last from 1 hour to 6 hours (when multiple variants are played in succession).

What good is the entrepreneurship game?

Learn and experience discovering opportunities and possibilities.

Which versions of the entrepreneurship game are available?

From beginner (basic) to advanced (gold)


U begint met de basis versie met kansen & mogelijkheden en de gunfactor. Maar natuurlijk ook met de basis elementen zoals risico inschatting en omgaan met de concurrentie. Kansen & Mogelijkheden Gunfactor Risico Inschatting Concurrentie


In the silver version, the administrative processes, for example, are added. And you will learn how to deal with lending and VAT issues. Opportunities & Opportunities Gunfactor Risk Assessment Competition Administrative processes Lending VAT issues


Finally, to try the gold version with international markets and currencies. Opportunities & Opportunities Gunfactor Risk Assessment Competition Administrative processes Lending VAT issues International market International currencies


Labor market game with social VAT

LE-Prohef is the game simulation intended to simulate a fundamental change in the approach to labor costs. The so-called “PROHEF” system, devised by Piet van Elswijk , lecturer in EOM (economics on a human scale) at Stenden University.LE-Prohef is an expansion of the entrepreneurship game gold, with now also a labor market. This demand for labor arises because of the alternative costs for the entrepreneur. By hiring an employee, he can develop many more activities. As a result, more is being produced (= so much more traded in towers, more traded in raw materials and so many more towers produced) that the entrepreneur cannot do it alone anymore in “his business”. The game simulation realizes the demand for labor resulting from the growth of extra added value. The Prohef system reinforces the demand for labor, certainly if the “soft factors” (“soft skills”) are activated.



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