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An effective method to learn a language at your own pace

The idiom software program LE-VocuLearn offers the user the possibility to learn a large amount of words or data in a systematic way. In most cases these will be words or phrases in a foreign language, but the program can also be used for completely different topics, such as lists of medical terms and learning the multiplication tables.
  • Harness the power of repetition with LE-VocuLearn .
  • Suitable for word lists, medical terms or the multiplication tables.
  • By using more attention to the knowledge gained during the lesson.
  • Have a fixed end date for learning.
  • Progress with daily learning goals.
  • The subject matter is repeated with increasing intervals.
  • The intervals and learning goals are always adjusted to the possibilities of the available time to practice.
  • Applicable in addition to existing teaching method or as a replacement for a separate idiom book.
  • Written interim quizzes become unnecessary due to progress reports.

Who is LE-Voculearn for?

Individuals and groups in education, organizations and companies

For educational settings

At LE-VocuLearn the intention is that the students regularly work on the word list. They focus on new words and on the words that cause the most problems. Repetition is a feature of the program.The teacher can ask the students to submit a report at intervals of three to four weeks. This shows the students' progress and the most difficult words are made visible. If the progress is sufficient, the teacher can tick this off. This saves the student from learning for a test and the teacher from checking.

For organizations and companies:

LE-VocuLearn can also be used for private individuals. Are you going on holiday soon and want to be able to manage a little in the new language? Then LE-VocuLearn offers the possibility to learn as much language data as possible in a systematic way. This way you can gain a large vocabulary in a short period of time.Or perhaps your company will expand and is it therefore useful for your employees to learn a new language? Even then you are in the right place with LE-VocuLearn. The program is flexible to use and available to everyone. You can also contact us for a custom glossary. This way we can adapt LE-VocuLearn to your individual needs.

What is the use of LE-Voculearn?

LE-VocuLearn offers a unique opportunity to systematically learn a new language

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