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The game

The language LEARN Game is a game simulation to learn the basic vocabulary of a foreign language through entrepreneurship and negotiation.

Every participant has his own company. In addition, each participant has a starting capital in LEGO and cash to start. Negotiation must be done in the foreign language.

The roles

The roles in the language games are a simplified version of the roles of the entrepreneurship games .

  • The traders
  • The producers
  • The suppliers

The objective

Contrary to the objective of the other games, the language games are not about making money.

A word test is done at the end of the language games. This determines who has learned the most words of the foreign language during the game simulation. The one with the most good words wins.

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The LEARN Games come in different variants. Each variant offers its own learning material. It is not mandatory to start or end with a certain version. The games can therefore be used as individual game simulations, but also as an educational program.

The duration of a game simulation is approximately 1.5 to 3 hours. Variable times are available for educational programs and can even be tailor-made. The Language LEARN games can be used for any language using 2 native speakers.

The language games are supported by the LE-Voculearn software. A software that enables systematic learning with the help of a word list.

To discuss the possibilities, you can contact us .

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Language Memory

Words for a foreign language are learned through the use of memory cards.

The Memory games consist of a succession of 3 rounds. In the first round the game is played with cards on which both the translation (NL or ENG), the foreign language (Arabic, Russian, German etc) and an image of the mentioned word are present.

In the second round, the translation is then omitted, leaving only the word in the foreign language and the image thereof.

In the final round you will be tested how well you remember the words of the foreign language. This only shows the words in the foreign language.

More information about the memory games can be found here.

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In addition to the language game, there is also the logistics game.

This is a version of the LEARN Games in which logistics processes and operational management are taught.

More information about the logistics games can be found on the LEARN Games Logistics page.


In addition to the logistics and language game simulations, there is also the entrepreneurship LEARN Games.

In these game variants you learn to do business and negotiate.

More information about entrepreneurship games can be found on the LEARN Games Entrepreneurship page.

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The company LE-Network

LEARN Games have been developed with great passion by LE-Network. A company that is unique because of its many variants of partnerships. For example, we are jointly committed to improving learning processes.

More information about the employees and the company itself can be found on the company website:

The Edupreneurial method

The games have been developed with the Edupreneurial method.

Behind the edupreneurial method is a complete science. This was developed by Henk Roelofs. Henk has written a large number of publications that further explain the method.

These publications and the accompanying LE Book can be found on the scientific website:

The behavioral style scans

The behavioral style scans give you insight into your personal behavior or the behavior of a team. For example, there are individual scans and team scans.

The scans can also be used to measure the change in behavior caused by the LEARN games.

For an overview of the available scans you can visit the behavioral style scans website:

Chinees talen spel

In addition to the language game, LE-Network also offers translation services. (Russian, German, English, Chinese and Arabic)

For example, we have translated Drenthe Magazine into Chinese. We also have experience with German / NL and NL / German, as evidenced by the Bourtanger Moor project, among other things.

In short: if you would like to have texts in another language, please contact us!

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