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Weird scripts in the world

Wim Melenberg came yesterday with a very nice gift: an overview of all “writing systems” in the world. There are quite a few. This poster depicts all the jitters used to communicate in writing. It started a long time ago in Mesopotamia with the cuneiform script. In the Netherlands we write with 26 letters, but the Russian alphabet has 33 letters. Chinese has no alphabet at all, but characters of which only 2,000 to 3,500 characters are used in daily life. Incidentally, our learning systems are not focused on learning the alphabet, but on learning words. Playfully we start with identical words, so that one learns the alphabet “automatically”, as it were. With minimal learning energy. Our minimal learning energy games were also a finalist in the European competition of Game Based learning (ECGBL, Odense, DK). If you want to learn to “write” in this world, Wim Melenberg’s poster gives a striking overview. Our Russian teaching program for gifted children contains a lot of culture, history, some geography and of course music and songs. Furthermore, they learn to communicate at a simple CEF A1 level by doing in the game simulation. Indeed: we hardly teach them how to communicate in writing in Russian, except to write their own name in Russian. That is difficult enough. Looks like from the poster there are already enough weird scripts in the world.

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