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Logistics management game a first for Nassau College.

Today Bernoud Jonker played the most complex version of LO-Game for one group of students from the Hanzehogeschool. This “Supply Chain Management” version has a number of extra roles.

This makes the processes more complex but at the same time more realistic. For example, there is a transporter, a recycler and a role for the customs. Nice is that there are also different modes of transport the game. The materials can be transported by boat, truck or for example be transported quickly by plane. During this game version the carrier used the client’s lack of alertness to calculate the expensive transport by plane but the items per to transport a boat. “He doesn’t notice anything …”, says the transporter. It reminded me of reality: the experience of one of my friends who as a director at a production site of a multinational, a made major savings on transport costs. It was about semi-finished products that were sent by plane from Brazil as standard to the Netherlands while a boat was more than fast enough. Our indeed, game simulations are often just real! A lot of this kind Anecdotes about the game simulations are in LE-Boek (see As always, this game simulation made sure that students are active: a big advantage of this method in the logistics lessons or the operations management lessons. Learning by doing: it remains one of the most effective learning methods.

We use the entrepreneurship game for M&O and Economy, because M&O is thoroughly revised. More attention is being paid to it entrepreneurship and financial reason in the new interpretation of M&O from the 2018-2019 school year. Astrid Scholtens, M&O teacher at Nassau College Assen

LO-Game Supply Version
LO-Game Supply Version

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